Preparing for next 10 Years as Renewable , Clean and Sun-energy

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Title : Ambience and Natural Light metrology for Building Environments by Mr. Nanduri Purushotham ( Director Business Development – Topsun Energy Ltd.)  — on 41th page

Now a days for Modern Buildings

  • Heat is excess which needs to be managed
  • Conventional Energy a polluting and costly affair
  • Noise is a trouble – Need to be influenced
  • Direct sunrays unbearable – need to be controlled


brings you an innovative SOLUTION

“Solar PVIGU”

What is Topsun’s “solar PVIGU” :

1) Solar PVIGU” is new concept of DGU, brings in one more attribute to “Green Energy Generation” which can easily be a Building block of construction.

2) Glass is nowadays becoming an integral part of Civil Engineering & Architecture for exterior face lift as well as weight reduction for buildings“ .

3) We thought of developing product which brings in multiple attributes for a building which is “Solar PVIGU”.

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