Utility Solar

Our Solar Modules are the most suitable options that are validated periodically in various IEC recognized national and international laboratories for compliances of all the applicable standards and we have 5 live certifications. High efficiency PID free and RoHS compliant crystalline PV modules made on state of the art automated lines with 60 cells and 72 cells constructions designed to meet highest watt to size ratio. Topsun is offering 250Wp to 320Wp PV module range exhibiting linear degradation meeting International standards. Topsun PV Modules are Class A , safety class II certified so that they easily become the choice of customers for Grid tied applications. Topsun PV Modules are proven and validated for system voltages >1000V operation and provide hassle free operation. Use of RTI certified raw material further helps the safety aspect of the roof protecting from catching fire in case of arcing at DC points.

Our Grid Tied Inverters manufactured as per International standards from our European associate meet all the IEC standards required for the products as per IEC guideline ranging from 3KW to a few hundred KWs. These products are available with transformer and transformer-less models and can be implemented easily based on the need and KW requirement of the solution. Many wall-mount models make it easy to accommodate them within a small space and are also aesthetically appealing.

We offer web based/GSM monitoring (remote) and local monitoring also which will keep you constantly in loop with the power generations, errors and other critical data which the user agency will always want on its finger tips. It has all the provisions to display data to user interface very easily. It has user friendly designs so that the user can have data access on the inverter LCD screen anytime. It has been designed to meet Indian environment conditions. We add great value by providing data analysis upto the string level to make it easy for customers to observe, compare, analyze easily , address faulty string, identify using Inverter Serial No and correct without any trial & error method and wasting huge time.