Ready to install, easy to shift & rugged performance.

Defense services of the country are scattered and located at the extreme boundaries of the country borders as well as at inaccessible remote locations where it is next to impossible to supply vitally needed electricity.

Topsun offers applications of lights in-house, campus and territory lights with flame proof enclosures as well in IP65 class of standards. Our highly efficient CFL, LED, LED Focus lights and SOX solutions are the most suitable, being detachable designs, for ready installation, easy shifting and rugged performance to work in any conditions as tested by Government Laboratory. You can have the capacity to light up pathways, tents, camps, canteens and vehicles etc anywhere.

They contain high efficiency charge regulators which can also take up your wireless usage 24 hours. We offer Solar modules having IEC compliance that assure its operation at high altitude, at various temperatures from -40 ° C to 85 °C and exhibit high snow load withstand capacity. Our Solar modules work well at low irradiance. We can design customized solutions which suit your requirements.