The Roots of Sustenance


Agriculture is the back bone of any country’s GDP and progress. India has many rivers and dams but still there are many areas where water is needed for purposes other than agriculture like for drinking and Industry too. With its diverse climates, Agriculture in our country is majorly dependent for 2 seasons on ground water which further needs electricity to pump it out but unfortunately it’s not available everywhere and not in all the states.

Topsun caters to the above need by offering Solar Pump Solutions for AC as well DC Solar Water Pump system with domestic as well International reputed brands. Topsun extends its state of the art and proven Solar Product Solutions for Open well, Bore well, ponds (floating Arrangement) which range from 1 HP to 50HP in standalone and hybrid models as well.

Topsun is in Solar water Pump Solutions since last 6 years. It has more than 3500 LIVE Solar Pump Installations in various formats, locations and site conditions across India under various government programs.