What is Rooftop Solar Power System

Benefits of Rooftop Solar Power System

Solar Power system constructed, formed & integrated mainly using a Solar PV module (Solar Panel) , DC to AC voltage converter (Converter/Inverters) , a battery , cables and structure where we mount solar panel. Earlier Solar Power Systems were used as a power back while grid fails  which needed batteries for storage of power but nowadays Solar power systems are mainly installed to generate power for one’s own need let it be residential, commercial, industrial or Agricultural. There are various business models from government and private players as well to support various need within legal compliances /policy boundaries.

Solar Rooftop is one of the solutions supported by Government policies and DISCOMs providing connectivity which may vary from state to state in India for various aspects but as a whole idea is to support user’s own power needs from the immortal solar power. In Gujarat Solar Rooftop policy awareness and installation is so high and if I am not wrong Gujarat witnessed india’s Highest Solar rooftops last year. This year’s program is under progress and expected to conclude with 600MW more installations over residential roofs.

Main advantage of Solar Roof top

  • you do not need land so its cost is omitted from the overall financial like ground mount plants one need to include for pay back calculation.
  • Another advantage is power is produced at the point of use so the losses are almost negligible.
  • India’s sun availability and sunny days are concerned you get more KWH(units) per KW installed than other western countries.
  • you will get rid of your electrical bills lifetime.

One calculation shows with continued policy support and subsidy on Residential roof top one may get Return of investment within 3-3 ½ year max. This product normally comes with 5 year warranty. So its cool that you get your money back within warranty period.  On the other way , considering unit cost of electricity in cities and towns one can have 30-35% return on investment of Rs. 1lac for residential rooftop at least with prevailing subsidy patterns. This return is for life time with slight degradation of power but considering growing conventional electricity prices benefits are always growing. Solar Modules carry 25 years performance warranty and after 25 years still they perform 80% as per warranty plans.

How much space or area will require for Rooftop Solar Panels on Terrace?

Normally you require 8-10 Sq meter shadow free area to install 1KW of Residential rooftop. One need to make sure of getting solar panels installed on roof such as to guarantee shadow free space for whole year. One more important point one need to keep in mind is safety while maintenance. Some roofs may be high and dangerous so make sure that you have access to all components of Roof top plant installed and is safely accessible while maintenance.

Rooftop Solar Projects