1MW Roof top Installation at Ahmedabad Civil Hospital as the biggest one in Gujarat

Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad, a medical institute & home for remedies to various diseases, is now home to another significant facility that merits the title “largest” – Gujarat’s largest solar roof top photovoltaic power plant on Government Office building and providing over 1800 megawatts of electricity.

This innovative project showcases a unique public-private sector partnership using technology from Topsun Energy limited and GEDA – a state nodal agency designated for solar Projects.

The solar power system, designed & built by Topsun Energy limited will meet an average of 80% of the electricity requirements at the hospital, which is the largest hospitals in Asia, using the Topsun 295 WP modules with single-axis solar tracking system to maximize solar electrical generation by following the path of the sun.

Equally innovative is the technology & methodology Topsun has adopted for this project. The generated power will be feed back to the Torrent Power AEC limited. This project is a landmark for the Gujarat state Solar Policy.