Stringent QC Process

Quality is dependent on the design of the process and the management of various stages. Topsun has ensured that both these aspects have been carefully planned and is being implemented with great diligence to assure continuous and consistent levels of quality.

    • Integrated Management System having ISO 9K, ISO 14K and ISO 18K integrated environment
    • Stringent Inward QC checks and material evaluation processes includes thermal, mechanical, environmental & electrical and other required validated mapping infrastructure
    • Periodic test of Stored RM as per calendar for critical parameters
    • Critical measurement and processing equipment from European and PR of china from reputed makes having validations from reputed certifying bodies
    • 100% pre and post lamination EL test with inline/offline EL testes to assure micro crack free product
    • Batch testing of critical parameters and close loop predefined quality control meeting international standards
    • HV Test, Wet Leakage, LID Test done on finished goods