Quality Assurance

Topsun continually improves the below key areas to assure Quality consistency and assessment of Products and services.

Integrated Management System –ISO 9K, ISO 14K & BS 18K process formulation and adherence Data collection & analysis Drive projects on Process Re-engineering
Product Certifications of IEC with annual conformance with various laboratories with no failures Thermal, Electrical & EL Testing in inprocess to quality asuurance and control Cost savings
Customer Satisfaction Analysis complaints, suggestions, Reviews & Brainstorming. Visual inspection checks Reject % reduction
Internal/External Audits Corrective & Preventive Actions (CAPA) Reworks reduction
QA Planning & Calibration Wet leakage, HV, LID and Low irradiance test as per IEC standards Optimize utilization
Training Systematic Problem Solving Through   RCA & 8D reports
5S, Kaizen implentations

The following are the organization and product certifications with zero failures at testing laboratories leads to indicating that production & process environment has resemble quality, reliability and performance of products.

Organization certificates
  • ISO9001- Supplier Quality assurance
  • ISO 14001- Environmental quality
  • IMS 9K:14K (Integrated Management System)
  • OHSAS 18001- Health & safety certification
  • IMS 9K:14K:18K (Integrated Management system)
  • Quality Mark Award
  • Best MSME awards for best in quality and high growth in production
  • IERDA certificate
  • Solarif- Supplier quality insurance- European ‘A’ rated Insurance Company
  • Indian Energy Department Rating – 1B “2nd highest in India for performance and financial strength”
Product certifications
  • IEC 61215- SPV modules Design Qualification – 6 Live certifications
  • IEC 61730-1&2- SPV modules safety Qualification -4 live certifications
  • IEC 61701- Slat mist corrosion certificate- Modules tested at harsh environments like sea areas (from salt water protection- corrosion free) -2 live certifications
  • IEC 62804-1- PID free- Potential Induced Degradation certificate- for Off- Grid & Grid-Tied applications. – 2 live validations
  • CE- European Conformity- Safety norms as per European standards
  • RoHS- Our SPV modules are RoHS compliant- Approved that there is no hazardous material included in SPV module and doesn’t affect the environments