Why Topsun

Equipment, Systems and Quality
  • Integrated Management System having ISO 9K, ISO 14K and ISO 18K integrated environment
  • Stringent   Inward QC checks and material evaluation processes includes thermal, mechanical, environmental & electrical and other required validated mapping infrastructure
  • Periodic test of Stored RM as per calendar for critical parameters
  • Topsun has state of the art infrastructure having capacity 70MW with additional semi auto line
  • Scope of capacity scalable to 150MW and more
  • Critical measurement and processing equipment from Europe and PR of China from reputed manufacturers having validations from reputed certifying bodies
  • Completely conveyor driven lines for module flow handling which is automated and synchronized for sequencing and selection to reduce manual intervention and errors
  • 100% pre and post lamination EL test with inline/offline EL tests to assure micro crack free product
  • Batch testing of critical parameters and close loop predefined quality control meeting international standards
  • HV Test , Wet Leakage, LID Test done on finished goods
  • Packing standards meeting international requirements
  • Packing standards meeting stuffing 20’ and 40’ containers cargos
Our advantages

Existence more than two decades in the field of Solar energy as system integrators.

  • Infrastructure & QA system audited by SQS ( Solar Quality Systems) Financial due diligence by CEA (Clean Energy Associates Ltd)
  • CE certified major process plant equipment
  • Power classified modules for PV arrays to avoid mismatch at string level
  • PID Free ( Potential Induced Degradation)
  • Linear Power warranty
  • 100% EL inspected for micro cracks defect free modules